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I discovered this pairing back in 2006 and I've loved it ever since. There's so many possibilities to explore (and believe me, fandom has done so). It's been a good long while since I've actually written this pairing but that's not because I've lost interest and it's not because I don't want to write them (writer's block, anytime you want to leave me alone so I can write some Buffy/Dean again, that'd be awesome), it's just because I've been playing in other fandoms. That said, I have a soft spot for this pairing because it led me to some of the best people I've had the pleasure of knowing. I still read Buffy/Dean and I still look for icons and art of them, which is the reason I decided to do them for this challenge.


**Artists: If you see your stuff here and would prefer I take it down, please let me know and I'll take it off the post, no problem. I checked the posts that they were at in the Buffy/Dean community and didn't see anything but there's always a chance I missed it since I had most of these saved on my computer anyway so, again, just let me know and I can take them down!**


Beer Bad by [personal profile] chosenfire28 - This was the first Buffy/Dean I ever read and it's the fic that sparked my interest in the pairing. Granted, I was mostly just exploring the Buffy crossover section and I had never watched Supernatural before so I have no idea why I clicked but I'm glad I did. (Seriously, I thought Jensen played Sam and Jared was Dean when I first clicked on this.) It hasn't been updated in a long while but, hey, maybe you guys can spark some inspiration for the author to revisit it!

Grand Canyon by [profile] lolaann1 - This is more friendship and pre-relationship for Buffy/Dean - except for one near miss - but it never fails to make me grin. There's fun banter, a case (of course there's a demon, guys!), and action in the form of fight scenes. It's definitely a fun one.

Take the Long Way Home by [profile] lolaann1 - This is the sequel to Grand Canyon and is an AU version of SPN's season six. After all, what better way to shake up that storyline than throwing in Buffy, Faith, the other Scoobies, and developing relationships? Gotta love when that happens.

Ease Up by [personal profile] avamclean - Ava's characterization of Buffy never fails to make me smile. What can I say? I'm a Buffy girl through and through so a well-written Buffy is something that I look for and Ava delivers. I love this one because Buffy really doesn't take Dean's crap, she gives as good as she gets and it's still believable that they'd end up acting on the attraction.

Moving In by [personal profile] kandykaye - A fun piece about Buffy and Dean moving in to their first apartment as a couple. And there's Dean's hope that Buffy still has her cheerleader uniform.

A Fresh Start by Alcharma - Another AU of season six but this time of Buffy's season six. Instead of Dawn finding Buffy after she crawls out of her grave, Sam and Dean find her. Buffy goes out on the road with them. This is also AU for season one of SPN so you get to see how Buffy being there changes episodes like Skin.

Gone by SweetChi - This story takes place post-Chosen for Buffy though the backstory for it goes all the way back to the summer that Buffy was in Los Angeles as a waitress. Buffy and Dean became friends and then one day, Buffy disappears. Dean decides to find her while still working cases and, well...I doubt he expected the answers he gets.

Wishful Lusting by [personal profile] chosenfire28 - LOL, oh I love this. It's not Buffy/Dean in the traditional sense but I love this. It'll give you the giggle, for sure. *shakes head* Oh, Dean.

Wrong After All by FuerGrissaOstDrauka - Empty Places is an episode that still pisses me off, I'm just saying. And so I love this because we get to see things go a bit differently in the form of Dean showing up after Buffy gets kicked out of the house. I love that this is also tied back to what Whistler told Buffy in the season two finale about always being alone.

What We Cannot Have by [personal profile] kandykaye - This fic, holy crap. I don't even know how to describe it but it's so fantastic. As the summary says, Sam dates Buffy but it's Dean that truly loves her. And then what's supposed to be a routine hunt pretty much complicates the hell out of everything because that's just the way life goes for the Winchesters and the Scoobies, of course. This fic has a hell of a lot going for it and you should definitely check it out.

Family by [profile] slayerkate - Another one that's not the traditional Buffy/Dean. I really like the way this is formatted and it's one of those fics that I wish was longer, especially because of the last couple of chapters, lol! Darn it. But, even if I wished there was more, it's still a good fic with some fun moments for Buffy and Dean.

Take This Sinking Boat And Point It Home by TheLastGuardian - I'll admit that the reason I checked this one out is because of the fact that the title comes from the song, Falling Slowly. But I'm glad I did because the idea is so interesting and I'm so curious on what's going to happen next with this one!

Rage and Ruin by [personal profile] avamclean - Technically, this isn't a shippy type of fic but I first read it when it was posted on the Buffy/Dean boards, Route 66, so I'm putting it on here. Besides, there's flirting from Dean, it can count! Either way, it's one of my favorite AUs out there and this is the first part of a series, and I'd definitely suggest you check the whole series out.

Home by [personal profile] chosenfire28 - We're ending the list of fics with the author that started it. This one's a one-shot and I'm probably a bit biased about it since those quotes were my prompts but I really love the way Krystal used them to show us different points in Buffy and Dean's relationship.


Created by [profile] dhfreak

Created by [personal profile] lightthesparks

Created by [profile] dana_chosenart aka [profile] chosen_art

Created by [profile] ataventure at [profile] deeper_well

First 4 icons created by [profile] pspawn, next two were done by [profile] ladymanson and last icon created by [profile] mysticwhispers


Created by [profile] dhfreak:

Created by [personal profile] lightthesparks:

Created by [profile] ataventure at [profile] deeper_well:


To see the full size of these, click on the thumbnail and it'll take you to the artist's link for it.

Created by [personal profile] lightthesparks:

The above wallpaper also has a fic written by [personal profile] avamclean and they go hand in hand. You can find the fic here.

Created by [profile] dana_chosenart:


And, really, that's all just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you can find for this pairing! Hope you liked what you saw and I definitely suggest checking out more of the art and fics done by all of these people. If you'd like to see more, I suggest checking out [profile] buffyxdean.

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