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It was so hard to narrow this down to ten ships! But I managed it. There's groups on here too, just as a fair warning in case that's not your thing. And now....

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So, I'm watching the first season of Glee and you know what I really miss? I miss Quinn from that season - the Quinn that totally stood up to Sue and blackmailed her to get a yearbook pic for Glee and then told her to take her Cheerios uniform and shove it. The Quinn that laughed and goofed off with Puck by messing with his mohawk like she did during Hell-O (hey, my OTP may be Puckleberry but I also loved seeing that side of her and they were pretty adorable back then). I miss the actual character development that happened with Quinn. And then this season it was all about getting her Cheerios uniform back and being popular again and then the whole Sam/Quinn/Finn storyline. *sigh*

And the other person I miss? I miss the Rachel that didn't need a guy. Oh, she wanted one, no mistake. But last night I watched her slap Finn and call him out on his lies and tell him that her dreams were bigger than him and OMG, what happened to that Rachel? I love that she got friends in season 2 and that she and Kurt finally stopped hating on each other and same with her and Mercedes. But when it came to the storyline for her and Finn, it felt like both characters were two completely different people. I hated who Rachel was when she was with Finn because it felt like she was constantly trying to please him and it felt like he was constantly trying to change her. What happened to that girl who was determined to get out of Lima and what happened to that guy who was, yes, worried about being popular but didn't act like he was perfect? The sesason 2 finale gave me a taste of that Rachel too when she told Kurt she was choosing New York and then they killed it by having her agree to date Finn for a year. Seriously? What the hell is the point of getting back together with someone with the condition that you're going to break up in a year so you can go do your own thing? Why not work on being friends instead so you can keep that once graduation happens?

This is what happens when I watch season 1. I remember why I loved these characters. I mean, I didn't hate season 2 but I think the first season was way better. Season 2 obviously had some good points but then other parts of it just felt like a total disaster.

Now, I'm going back to my DVDs so I can watch the back 9 and maybe by the end of it, I'll be in the mood to work on my big bang for Gleeverse.
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You're going to find various types of fic on this list - shippy (ha, that word just makes me giggle) and gen. And while I'm a Puckleberry shipper, you'll find other ships on here too, don't worry! I'll mention what couple(s) are in the fic so if you're really flat out against reading a pairing, you won't have to.

List will be done in the usual way - a bit from the fic and some thoughts on it and, this time, the pairings.

Anyway, hope you guys have fun checking some of these out!

Fic Rec Time! )

Okay, I'm stopping for now but I didn't get even remotely close to all the fics I wanted to put on here. Oh well, I guess that means you guys get another list! Especially since I think a good portion of this list was gen actually. That's surprising. But I just realized I have a ton of those saved up along with the shippy fics that I've got saved so I guess that works out.

Hope you have fun with these!


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