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He should totally be one of your favorite things ever. Because he will make your life better by acting like a complete and utter dork.

Why, yes, he and friends/members of his band DID dress up as Ghostbusters (and the Marshmallow Man). Yes, they did run around DC chasing each other in costume. Yes, there is video and there are pictures and an article.

Pictures and article can be found here.
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On August 3, 2011, Kris tweeted that his guitar had been stolen out of his car. We believe that we can turn such a negative event into a positive by donating guitars and other musical instruments to kids who will love them as much as Kris loves his guitar (and his viola, and his piano, and his ukelele.....).

Go check out [profile] krisfansunite if you'd like to make a donation - the money is going to various classrooms/schools to help get musical instruments to classrooms and schools (the quote above is directly from the giving page). The donation drive is doing offers of things like fic, fan made tour guides from Kris's first tour, downloads of his songs, art, etc. in exchange for donations. You can check out the offers here.

If you're not in the AI fandom and don't really want any of those things but you think it's a good cause, then I hope you feel free to donate anyway! If that's what you're looking to do, then you can just go straight to Kris's DonorsChoose Giving Page.
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Let me just say that I'm SO happy that this is Kris's next single. I love this song. And I love that he's already done a video for it and that it's a thank you for the fans for being so supportive of him since Idol and while he's toured. The video is of a bunch of his funny moments with his band while touring and I seriously hope they make it the official video.

Watch! I dare you not to at least be smiling by the end!


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